By David Gernon

June, 2018

Welcome to the second issue of Politica Northwestern, the academic journal of Northwestern University’s Politics & Policy (P&P). P&P analyzes the world in terms of impactful events. Political events occur constantly, but their impacts are by no means equal. We distill major events to determine how they will change the world. This issue, like the inaugural, is a selection of past Weekly Focuses, which, as the name implies, is a weekly section analyzing a timely issue in-depth.

The first article (“Time’s Up”) discusses the #MeToo movement and its potential impact on politics as well as other industries. At the time, the movement had taken down several prominent men across multiple industries--since then, it has only grown importance and our final thought from the piece may still prove prescient: Republicans may rue not taking a stronger stance.

“Trump and Trade” was written by a guest contributor. Ms Felix rightly points out President Trump made it clear global trade would be disrupted under his administration and this has proved correct. However, it remains too early to say whether Mr Trump’s aggressive rhetoric will prove beneficial or harmful for most Americans.

“Angela Merkel’s Test” was written in the wake of Germany’s most unpredictable election in years. As far-right Alternative for Germany gained vote-share, many predicted Ms Merkel’s position would become untenable. She spent her career outwitting those who doubt her and may yet again result on firmer ground than expected.

Our third piece (“It Takes Two to Tango”) has remained a relevant story as American tech giants continue to be hit with fines, particularly in Europe. However, these fines remain relative pittances to the behemoths and will likely need to increase drastically, along with perhaps some meaningful legislation, to have any lasting impact.

Finally, P&P analyzed Mr Trump’s signature policy achievement from his first two years in “Taxes, Cut,” predictably taking a look at the GOP’s tax cut. This in-depth look breaks down the law that many Republican incumbent politicians will plan to use to boost their reelection chances in November.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Volume 2 of Politica Northwestern. If you are a student, please consider submitting to our next edition, which is scheduled for publication in the spring.